Ice Hawk Cannon

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ELD Ice-Hawk Cannon.png
Ice Hawk Cannon
10,000 RTP

The Ice Hawk Cannon is a weapon purchasable in Eternal Crusade via the Rogue Trader Store.


While large parts of Arkhona are habitable, red earth, with a temperate climate; significant parts of Arkhona retain the planets former Ice World climate and environment. In an effort to provide some level of camouflage in this environment, the Bonesingers of Craftworld Biel-Tan have developed the Ice Hawk pattern weapons; weapons that have been designed with a shifting appearance designed to blend and fit into a snowy, tundra terrain.

This is a weapon for the Eldar faction that can be upgraded and equipped in a loadout.

Type: DR (Dark Reaper Shuriken Cannon)